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Introduction of lifting slings


Lifting Slings are manual lashing tools, which can be used in long distance transportation to give full play to their characteristics, and can effectively absorb the impact during transportation, and carry light and soft.
Use of binding belt:
1. Used for fastening of goods on trucks, trailers, boats or rails and binding and fastening of steel, wood and various pipe goods.
2. Used for fixed goods in factories and storage management, or used for circulation industry, used for transportation of fixed goods.
3. It is widely used for binding goods in logistics enterprises, military transportation and train transportation.

Features of lifting slings:
1, save time and effort. Lifting slings with the potential of dialling thousands of catties, one person operation can make the binding device to produce a huge binding force, binding unloading fast.
2, safe and durable. Lifting slings is made of special steel as parts, strong acid and alkali resistant fiber material combination.
3, easy to operate, instant binding, never fall off, instant loosening, easy to operate, easy to recover the rope, does not take up space.
4, Lifting slings does not hurt the goods. It is made of fiber material flat ribbon combination, force point scattered, soft, will not hurt the goods.

Lifting slings