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How do we maintain the lifting slings?


Conventional slings (synthetic fiber slings) are generally made of high-strength polyester filaments. Lifting slings are widely used in various fields. In order to prolong the service life of the lifting slings, we should take measures to maintain the lifting slings.
1. When moving the slings and cargo, do not drag. Do not kink the lifting slings.
2. The soft rings should not be connected with any device that may damage or wear them.
3. When the slings are loaded, they should not be twisted.
4. The lifting slings without sheath should not be used to carry goods with sharp corners and edges.
5. When the lifting slings are in use, they should be avoided that the opening angle of the soft ring exceeds 20°.
6. The slings should be stored away from light and without UV radiation.

7. The lifting slings should not be stored near an open flame or other heat sources.

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