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Chain Ratchet Load Binders are designed to tension lashing chains in order to securely restrain cargo usually used by lorry and truck drivers in the world of low loaders and heavy haulage. Our high quality cast steel chain binders are made from cast steel and fitted with drop forged grab hooks to work with chain sized depending on the model you select. A lever gives greater control and allows the user to apply less pressure to achieve a tighter lashing in a shorter time scale. Safety is always a paramount concern with all lifting and lashing equipment and this innovative chain ratchet features a securing device to prevent the extending/retracting threads unintentionally pulling out.  Best combined with our Grade 80 or Grade 100 lashing chain for the ultimate chain tie-down solution. 
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3/8" - 1/2" Ratchet Chain Binder

Heavy duty construction from Peerless offers excellent strength ratings. The body of this premium ratchet chain binder has a powder coat finish, and the hooks feature high quality yellow zinc plating for protection from the elements. The load binder uses a ratcheting motion to safely tighten transport chain.

5/16" - 3/8" CM Ratchet Chain Binder

Heavy duty ratchet load binder has a 4:1 design factor and a handle with self-locking, one-way bolts so it's easy to remove debris, mud, ice, or snow. Forged steel construction offers superior strength; a powder coated finish protects it from the elements. Designed with gears permanently welded to the barrel for long-lasting quality. Proof tested to 50% of the minimum breaking strength.

5/16" - 3/8" Ratchet Chain Binder

Heavy duty ratchet chain binders are designed to tighten chain tie downs over a load - the ratcheting mechanism allows you to easily tighten and loosen the tension in your chain. The forged steel handle offers maximum leverage, while the cam and pawl design allows for easier and faster securement.
Recoil-Less Cam Action Lever Binder

Recoil-Less Cam Action Lever Binder

Our heavy-duty recoilless lever binder with cam-action handle is one of the safest on the market today. It features a center cam that can rotate independently of the end hooks.
Heavy Duty Ratchet Chain Binder

Heavy Duty Ratchet Chain Binder

This heavy-duty load binder utilizes a ratcheting action to tighten tie down chains. The forged steel handle offers maximum leverage, while the cam and pawl design allows for easier and faster securement. All our chain binders meet FMCSA and DOT specifications, and are stamped with the size, break strength, and working load limit on the handle. For use with 5/16" or 3/8" Grade 70 transport chain.

1/2" Tie Down Chain Assembly W/ Clevis Grab Hooks - Grade 80

Binder chain assembly in grade 80 alloy steel has a 4:1 design factor and comes fully assembled with clevis grab hooks on each end.Meets NACM and ASTM standards. All chain and hooks are embossed with grade 80 markings. Designed for lashing; not intended for overhead lifting.
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