Cargo bars, also known as load bars or load lock bars, are devices used to secure cargo inside a truck trailer or other transport vehicle. They are designed to prevent the cargo from shifting or moving during transit, which can cause damage to both the cargo and the vehicle.

Cargo bars typically consist of a telescoping metal tube that can be adjusted to fit the width of the trailer or other transport vehicle. They are designed to create tension between the walls of the vehicle and the cargo, holding the cargo firmly in place. Some cargo bars also feature locking mechanisms to prevent them from slipping or being accidentally dislodged.

Cargo bars are commonly used in the transportation of heavy items such as appliances, furniture, and construction materials. They are a simple and effective way to secure cargo without the need for straps, ropes, or other tying-down devices. However, it's important to ensure that cargo bars are used properly and adjusted tightly to prevent any movement or shifting of the cargo during transit.

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