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A brief introduction to corner protectors


Corner protectors are used to protect angle of goods or corners. There are two main types of modern packaging, plastic and paper, namely plastic corner protectors and paper corner protectors, which are widely used in logistics and transportation in various industries. In terms of commercial products, it can be divided into three categories; the first category is the corner protectors, which are mainly used in the outer packaging of the product to protect the appearance of the product. The main materials are paper or paper-based composite materials. And some corner protectors are also made from iron, copper and aluminum metals. The second type is decorative corner protectors, which are mainly used in the corner of the building where people or moving objects often come into contact, to prevent the protection of the corner and people, and to protect and decorate the corner. The main materials are plastic, rubber, wood, glass, metal and other substrates. The third type is building corner protectors, which are mainly used in the batching process of building walls. The corner protectors are embedded in cement or putty to make the corners straight and flat. It is mainly to solve the problem of high workmanship and low quality of hand-made corners. The main materials are polypropylene plastic, galvanized thin iron, and aluminum alloy profiles.
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