Precautions for using rigging


1. Do not use damaged rigging

2. When hoisting, do not twist or noose the rigging

3. Don’t let the rigging get knotted

4. Avoid tearing the sewing commissures or overloading

5. When moving the rigging, don't drag it6. Avoid robbing or oscillating loads

7. Each rigging must be checked before each use

8. Talon has the function of resistance to inorganic acid, but it is easily damaged by organic acid

9. Polypropylene is suitable for use in places that are most resistant to chemicals

10. Nylon has the ability to resist inorganic acid and is easily damaged by organic acid

11. When nylon is wet, the strength loss can reach 15%

12. If the rigging is likely to be contaminated by chemicals or used at high temperature, you should seek reference from the supplier